Tracking Japan Post


As we all know, Japan Post is a postal and logistics service company in Japan. It is one of the largest postal services in the world, providing various services like sending and receiving packages, postcards, letters, and more. With the help of modern technology, Japan Post has made it possible for its customers to track their shipments online. In this article, we will explore how to track Japan Post shipments and other important details.

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What is Japan Post Tracking?

Japan Post tracking is a system that allows customers to monitor the status of their mail or package delivery. It enables you to track your shipment from the moment it leaves the Japan Post office until it is delivered to the recipient. The tracking system provides details on the shipment’s current location, delivery status, and expected delivery date.

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How to Track Japan Post Shipments

There are various ways to track your Japan Post shipments:

1. Japan Post Tracking Website

The easiest way to track your shipment is through the Japan Post tracking website. You can access it by visiting the official Japan Post website. Once you are on the website, click on the “Tracking” option on the top menu bar. Then enter your tracking number and click on the “Track” button.

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2. Japan Post Mobile App

You can also track your package using the Japan Post mobile app, which is available for both Android and iOS devices. Once you have downloaded and installed the app, enter your tracking number and click on the “Track” button.

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3. SMS Tracking

If you do not have access to the internet, you can still track your shipment by sending an SMS to Japan Post. Send an SMS to +81 909 812 2211 with your tracking number. You will receive an SMS with the latest status of your shipment.

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4. Customer Service

You can also contact Japan Post customer service for assistance with tracking your shipment. You can call them at 0570-046-111 (within Japan) or +81 570-046-111 (outside Japan).

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Types of Japan Post Shipments

Japan Post offers various services for sending and receiving packages, postcards, and letters. The following are the different types of Japan Post shipments:

1. EMS (Express Mail Service)

EMS is an international courier service that delivers packages to over 200 countries worldwide. It provides fast delivery and offers tracking services. EMS is ideal for urgent shipments that need to be delivered quickly.

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2. Airmail

Airmail is a service that delivers packages and letters to international destinations by air. It provides faster delivery than surface mail and is more affordable than EMS. Airmail also offers tracking services.

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3. Surface Mail

Surface mail is a service that delivers packages and letters to international destinations by sea or land. It provides affordable shipping rates, but the delivery time is slower than airmail and EMS. Surface mail also does not offer tracking services.

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Tracking Japan Post shipments is an easy process that can be done through multiple channels, including the Japan Post tracking website, mobile app, SMS, and customer service. Japan Post offers various types of shipments, including EMS, airmail, and surface mail, which cater to different shipping needs. By utilizing the Japan Post tracking system, customers can stay updated and informed about their shipments’ status.